Chris May is a music and visual artist based in Los Angeles. His work explores the relationship between sound and image—often created simultaneously—using audio reactive effects to enhance visuals in real time. The result is a surreal dive into a world where the journey takes priority over the destination.

Notable live performances and exhibitions include the LAVA art show (LA), Oregon Cinema Arts Fest (Portland), Top Floor (LA) and Synth City (Chicago).


Oregon Cinema Arts Festival | Official Selection 2019 | “Mirage”
Roma Cinema DOC | Official Selection 2019 | “Mirage”
Los Angeles CineFest | Semi Finalist 2019 | “Mirage”
Avalonia Festival | Winner 2018 | “Transference”
Shutterstock Pixel of Fury | Winner 2014 | “Corporate Wizard”
Diesel U:Music Award 2003 | Venue “Suckers”


BFA Film and Video, Columbia College, Chicago